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Photos from September Squam

In June, we participated in the Squam Art Fair (alas, no photos) and returned again in September with a retooled sign, a spiffy new red typewriter (for collecting e-mail addresses, natch!) and two more issues under our belt. We visited with subscribers as well as folks who hadn't heard of us and also had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Maya Stein, who wrote the wonderful piece in ISSUE 3::RETREAT about her cross-country travels from her home in Boston to the birthplace of the typewriter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We also visited with Maya Donenfeld who has contributed clever crafts to several issues, Pixie Campbell, whose amazing art and words closed out ISSUE 4::WOOD and Meredith Winn who contributed heartfelt photo essays to our first three issues. It's funny how working an event like this can be simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. Of course it was nothing compared with our first vist as vendors to Common Ground Country Fair, just a week later. -jason
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