Dreaming about September

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/61109275 w=500&h=281] Here at Taproot, excitement has been building as we put the final touches on and find ourselves closer and closer to our first ever Taproot Gathering at Squam to be held this coming September. If you're visiting us here on Ramblings, then you likely already know us at the magazine, but perhaps Squam Art Workshops is new to you. Check out the video above for a little glimpse into the goodness that is Squam. Registration opens this coming Monday, April 8th. Elizabeth, creator of Squam Art Workshops and our partner in this Gathering, is - like us - a fan of doing some things the old-fashioned way.  Each registration form is processed by hand, with careful thought given to each attendee's schedule and housing needs and desires. In order to do that, registration is done on paper and in the mail, with forms needing to be postmarked April 8th or later. So if you're planning on joining us (hooray!), be sure to print out the forms you need this weekend and get those right in the mail. We're so looking forward to gathering with some of our contributors and many of our readers for five days of learning, connecting, and nurturing this community. Of course, we know it's not possible for all of us and you to be there at this particular gathering, so please do stay tuned as we grow this idea of Gatherings into 2014. As always, if you have ideas and thoughts for us, we'd love to hear from you! ~amanda