The Joy of Having a Cow

fresh-butter So there we were, about to fix a special breakfast of french toast, when I said to Rachael, "You bought butter, right?" She hadn't. But then she said, "I think there's enough milk to skim to make butter." So down the kids went to the fridge we keep in the garage for milk customers, to fetch up a few gallons to skim. "Remember, oldest milk first!" we reminded them. (We date the milk on the top of the jar so customers can always take the freshest milk.) I started frying up the toast in lard and she set to the butter-making. She skimmed off the cream with a ladle and ran it through the food processor, our modern butter churn. Drained and washed, we had the little ball you see pictured. Perhaps not the "best" butter we've ever made; it is not the unbelievably golden yellow it will be since Violet's still on hay. (The grass has only just started to green up and we're a month yet from letting her out to graze.) But boy did it taste good. If you don't have a cow already, I highly recommend it. Butter alone is worth the work. -jason