Let's Just Say

[gallery ids="647,646,645,644"] ...that you had spent much of the Memorial Day weekend at the Farm & Yard buying pipe gates and cattle panels, scratching your head about the best way to redo/enlarge your cow paddock and then implementing said plan. ...that you had congratulated yourself, patted yourself on the back, felt a certain smugness at the cleverness of your design once you saw your calves safely and happily ensconced in one stall and their mother in the other. (forgive me if you already see where this is headed) ...you were further pleased as the calves seemed to be minding the confinement of their new quarters. ...that you looked outside this morning as you are pulling on boots to go down for chores and milking and said to yourself, "Oh that's nice, they're all laying together." ...you realized that was not the state of affairs you expected since they were securely locked up the night before. ...it dawns on you that cows are if not smarter, at least stronger and more determined than humans, especially when milk is at stake. Suffice it to say, all this did happen and the morning was spent securing cattle panels, adding electric fence around the inside the perimeter of the calf stall, and otherwise upping the ante in the perpetual arms race between the farmer (alright, homesteader) and the critters they have the pleasure to keep. Will our fortifications hold? We'll know tomorrow. -jason