Taproot Gathering :: Wrap Up

[gallery columns="2" ids="925,924,922,921,919,917,916,914,913,912,911,910,904,901,900,899,898,896,894,880,872,869,871,870,868,867,855,851,847,845,844"] I think I speak for all of us on the Taproot team when I say that we are all so happy to be home with our loved ones (being the homebodies that I know each of us to be), but simultaneously, a little bit sad that such a beautiful week is over. Our Taproot Gathering at Squam was nothing short of amazing, really. Lovely, fun, spirited, creative, gentle, compassionate connections were everywhere we looked, and I, for one, am still reeling from it all. We hope all who attended are returning home with as much inspiration and feeling of renewal as we have. It was a pleasure, and an honor to host this, our first gathering, with the lovely Elizabeth of Squam Art Workshops. We'll spend this coming winter brainstorming and dreaming up what comes next for us - and you - here at Taproot. Do be in touch (editor@taprootmag.com) with any feedback, thoughts and ideas you may have about what another Taproot Gathering would ideally look like to you! ~amanda