taproot lending library     The owner of Spice and Grain, located in Fryeburg, Maine, has created a lending library with her back issues of Taproot Magazine! We love this idea... and so do her customers. The small natural foods store is an everyday hangout for locals at lunchtime, with cozy seating for friends meeting over a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee located in a great atmosphere. Spice and Grain's lending library provides customers a chance to "check out" back issues of Taproot Magazine (they bring them home to spend more quality time reading) for a few days before returning them in exchange for another issue. Spice and Grain is excited to now stock Taproot Magazine and locals are eagerly awaiting RECLAIM, the next issue of Taproot!   ~ meredith
November 07, 2013 by 6



polly said:

oh, this idea delights me so!!
i’ve been pining for our pretty well stocked multnomah county library system to subscribe…
keep it up folks.
you’re making magic!


amy said:

My class is advertised in that photo!! Morning Garden! I keep bringing Taproot to class to show off and get inspired! :) thanks!

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