coperthwaite-1 We learned belatedly over the weekend of the passing of William Coperthwaite, a great thinker and doer. Long before my wife and I moved from urban Texas to rural Vermont in search of a different way of life, I had read Mr. Coperthwaite's book A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity (Chelsea Green, 2007). I found it inspiring and challenging and didn't always agree with it, but I respected the man who had written the words and thought longer and harder about the topics presented than I had even lived. To meet him was a great privilege. To know that I won't have the opportunity to do it again saddens me. He will be missed. -jason
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Monica Surfaro Spigelman

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said:

You all probably are far to young to remember, but Mr. Coperthwaite was one of the lovely pearls in the necklace of good people from half-century ago who instigated the serious study into imaginative alternatives “toward a human future.” The early 1970s were full of gatherings about homesteading, well-being and so many dreams. I attended several in 1972, up in New Hampshire and Maine, meeting people like Ralph Borsodi, Mildred Loomis, and Helen and Scott Nearing. I’ve kept some of the writings from those days — and I see so much of that dreaming and early work now maturing gloriously in the pages and people of Taproot. May your creativity and actions continue with great satisfaction.

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