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marys Each time we go to print, we find ourselves wishing for double the pages so as to include all the good things that come our way. Above is one image that just didn't quite fit. But thankfully, the recipes by Ashley English and other accompanying photographs by Rikki Snyder did. Look for them in BREATHE, coming your way very soon. And consider this your fair warning to get the bloody mary ingredients ready, because you'll want to make one too with the recipe for infused dill vodka we've got. Don't forget the playing cards! ~ amanda


thank you for share!

I loved this issue- and I misplaced it in my house somewhere. I’m winging it with dill infused vodka making this weekend. How can I contact someone to get the full recipe, all the way to the dill pickle Bloody Mary?
Thanks, friends.

Maybe you can save this photo for an edition on card decks and twizzle sticks (and all the recipes, old-fashioned cocktail napkins, card tables and stories that go along with them)!

I have a collection of vintage plastic stirrers, novelty napkins and playing cards I’d be happy to share —

Looking forward to BREATHE, (and to vodka recipe),

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