issues19 Are you interested in helping Taproot to grow? If so, we’d love to talk to you if you have experience with sales and marketing and a passion for what we are creating in the pages and the print shop. Specifically, we need someone who can right away lend a hand with:
  • Managing our relationships with our distribution partners.
  • Developing our direct bulk sales efforts.
  • Overseeing our subscriber development and renewal programs.
  • Creating a wholesale program for our stationery and gift products.
  • Optimizing our marketing efforts by analyzing sales data.
  • Contributing your own vision for the best way to grow Taproot.
The ideal candidate will be located within regular driving distance of Hardwick, VT, have experience in sales and marketing (though not necessarily in the magazine industry) and not be afraid to pick up the phone to be in touch with prospective and current customers. If you have ideas for how we should be marketing ourselves, please include them with your cover letter or email. It’ll give us grist for the mill when we’re in touch. Please send resumes to
April 10, 2014 by 1


Erin O'Neill

Erin O'Neill said:

Hello there.

I would love to help with Taproot. The position posted is not my area of expertise, but please feel free to contact me if other needs arise in the future. I would love to help with writing of any form, or social media outreach. I am also open to directly contacting outlets for the publication here in Portland, OR.

I am excited that your magazine is expanding its reach. In Portland, Oregon, I only know of one location that carries it. I am always excited to see a new issue on the shelves. Urban homesteading and DIY everything are popular here, and I believe that Portland’s culture would gladly welcome what Taproot has to offer.

Thanks for all the hard work and loving attention you put into this publication. It warms my soul and helps me to remember how many like-minded folks there are out there living the life we love.

~Erin O’Neill

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