Taproot Stockist :: Wheatsville Co-op in Austin, TX

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="1432,1436,1437,1429,1431,1440,1441,1439,1430,1435,1434,1438"] Welcome to Austin, Texas! We're pleased to introduce you to Wheatsville Co-op. This is part of our series of visits to our Taproot stockists - the fabulous independent and like-minded local shops who carry our magazine and products all over the country - and in some cases - all over the world. Wheatsville Co-op is a full service, natural foods cooperative grocery store, which has been serving the central Austin community since 1976.  Wheatsville recently opened a second store in South Austin where the slideshow above was photographed. The purpose of the co-op is to create a self-reliant, self-empowering community of people that will grow and promote a transformation of society toward cooperation, justice, and non-exploitation. Their primary focus is supplying high-quality food and non-doctrinaire information about food to people in Austin. Next time you are in Texas, pay them a visit! You'll find their southern hospitality to be a warm welcome.
(For a near-complete  list of Taproot stockists visit here. And if you have or know of a shop who should carry Taproot, contact us!)