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ramblings-18 If you're a subscriber, the sights above may already be familiar to you, as our next issue, SEED has begun shipping! Behind the scenes, we're busy photographing and getting everything lined up to tell you all about this special issue early next week. Issue 10 includes more pages than ever before, and a fun subscriber bonus by Phoebe Wahl (if you've let your subscription lapse, don't worry. We'll make it available to you when you renew before the next issue). More details to come next week. Until then...happy weekend to you and yours! ~amanda


It can’t come fast enough! Hurry up Mr. Postman! ;)

Danna June 13, 2016

I’m looking foreward to it! I enjoyed the last issue so very much, especially Thorpe Moekel’s incredibly poetic, honest and deeply touching essay “Mold is Love”, which is one of the most moving and beautifully written pieces I’ve ever read. To me he is an absolut artist of the written word, no doubt. I love, love, love the way he writes. It is so… manly. But soft. Sincere. But with a sense of humour and the never fading attempt to see the good in every situation, to see the best and to make the best out of it. His writing is wise. But with the eyes of a child, with the beginner’s eyes as to say. I could go on and on writing here my praise… ;-) But I think I will stop it here and say a huge and happy “Thank you” to you once again. The work you all do with your magazine is more than fab. I can see growing artists nurtured through these pages where they can be a part of something good and flourishing, beeing a seed themselves in this piece of art and giving at the same time seeds of new ways of thinkig and living by writing and showing and sharing parts of their lifes, ideas and visions. I think Taproot is both: nourishing for the contributors and nourishing for us, who dive in and read.
Warm regards
Bora from Switzerland

Frau Kirschkernzeit June 13, 2016

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