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SEED-cover-with-garden-journal We have so much to share with you about the latest issue of Taproot, but let's start with the number 96, the number of pages in ISSUE 10::SEED. That's right, we've added an additional 24 pages to the magazine and filled them with the sorts of essays, articles, photography, crafts and recipes you love and expect from us, just more of them.

You may notice also that little notebook to the right of the magazine and wonder, "What is that?". It's our latest subscriber bonus, a sweet little book filled with art and doodles from Phoebe Wahl, perfect for recording your dreams and plans for garden (or other) adventures. When you subscribe or renew your subscription, you can get your very own while supplies last. If you like it and want more, they're available singly and in sets of three at

But let's take a look inside... SEED-animal-seed-bank You might think that selecting the theme of SEED for our contributors to work with would be like pitching them a softball and letting them knock it out of the park, but, I ask, what's wrong with that? Especially, when you, dear reader, are the winner. 

That is not to say, however, (and you'll have to bear with me and the baseball cliche's) that we weren't thrown a few curveballs. For example, Christine Chitnis shares a photo essay of a very special seed bank in Rhode Island that is dedicated to preserving the "seed" of heritage animals.

In the same vein (though more soberly), a new contributor to Taproot, seasoned author Janisse Ray shares the heartbreaking (yet hopeful) story of her niece, a child abuse victim, dancing deftly around the question of whether a child can be considered a "bad seed" despite her misbehavior when she is clearly the victim of circumstances outside her control. I won't say more, but that you should read it. SEED-rikki We've become accustomed, though not immune, to the brilliance (light and composition) of contributor Rikki Snyder's food photography, but in this issue she's given us both the words and the pictures and her piece is a doozy, filled with delectable, yet simple salads. Take a short trip to your farmers' market or garden rows, prop this issue open and prepare to bring your taste buds back to life with the freshness of the summer's bounty.

You'll know that we didn't let the extra 24 pages go to waste when you enjoy all of the recipes and crafting we were able to put into SEED's hands section. We have another lengthy piece from Kirsten Shockey, this time about making homemade mustards. Try out decoupage with Amy Rice and you won't let summer stop you from knitting when you see Carrie Bostick Hoge's Northport Baby Blanket.

There's so much there, including recipes from Ashley English and guidance on creating your own cut flower garden from Stacy Brenner, hopefully this issue will keep you sated until the next (ISSUE 11::MEND) arrives in September.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. Let's take a closer look at that Gardening Notebook, included with subscriber copies of ISSUE 10. SEED-garden-journal-with-issue garden-journal-6 SEED-garden-journal-interior We're very pleased with this little notebook and we hope you like it too. Featuring five new original works by Phoebe between the cover and interior pages, as well as gardening-themed borders and doodles, it requires only your words, sketches, plans and dreams to become even more charming.

If you find yourself in need of more, find them online singly or in sets of three. seed-prints

We're offering two signed prints from this issue. Manual Meditation from Phoebe Wahl runs alongside Amanda's editor's letter from this issue and can also be found on the back of the Gardening Notebook. For the first time, we're offering a print signed by Jenn Judd-McGee, So Much Light, the papercut that accompanies Thorpe Moeckel's latest contribution to the heart section. I think you're really going to enjoy this issue (all 96 pages of it). I hope that you've subscribed and yours is on the way. If you haven't subscribed (or your subscription has lapsed), head on over to and we'll get a copy sent your way.

As ever, I want to thank you kindly for your past support (even if it is just to keep in touch via these emails or our blog). It is because of your interest in our ad-free, independent magazine that we have been able to create a quiet, informative, educational and, yes, entertaining journal for you to enjoy each season.


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96 Pages! Are you kidding!?! Squeee… unreal :) And I am so very excited about that extra little pressie – thank you. Hoping customs and Aust. Post move that issue through to me super fast. Can’t wait :)

Xan June 13, 2016

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