Taproot Stockist :: Brooklyn General Store in Brooklyn, New York

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="1592,1583,1582,1584,1585,1586,1587,1588,1589,1590,1591,1593,1594,1595,1596,1597,1598,1599,1600"] Brooklyn General Store 128 Union Street Brooklyn, New York Continuing our tour of Taproot stockists, today we bring you to New York City where you'll find Taproot Magazine in Brooklyn General Store! We paid them a visit during our recent trip to NYC. It's impossible not to feel completely comfortable and at home the moment you walk in the door - I could have sat right down and knit the day away. But oh! There was just too much goodness to wander around and look at - handcrafted beauty, great class offerings that made me want to stick around a while longer, fun notions I'd never seen before, and of course all the yarn and fabric supplies I could want for a project - all carefully selected, and artfully displayed. It was a treat to pay them a visit, and to find Taproot sitting out on their table.  A reminder that there is so much that connects us all - no matter where we are. Do pay them a visit next time you're in the area! And if Brooklyn General happens to be your local yarn and fabric supply store and Taproot stockist, lucky you! (For a near-complete  list of Taproot stockists visit here. And if you have or know of a shop who should carry Taproot, contact us!) ~amanda