Taproot Stockist :: Mrs. Brown's in Northeast Harbor, Maine

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="1655,1656,1657,1645,1646,1647,1648,1650,1651,1652,1653,1654,1649"] Mrs. Brown's Route 198 Northeast Harbor, Maine (Just opened, there isn't a website, but if you stop into Northeast Harbor you won't miss the shop just on the left as you come into town.) While on Mount Desert Island recently, Meredith and I had the pleasure of visiting one of Taproot's newest stockists. Mrs. Brown's in Northeast Harbor, Maine has only been open for a few weeks, but already it's chock full of goodness of the food, farm, family and craft variety that we know our Taproot readers love. Working with local artists, crafters, and farmers, shopkeeper Kelly Brown (yes, she's Mrs. Brown!) has carefully curated her little shop with beautiful art, local craft materials, home goods by local artisans, and food grown and made by some of the best makers here in Maine. If you're lucky enough to be local, or traveling to coastal Maine soon, do be sure to pay a visit to Mrs. Brown's!

(For a near-complete  list of Taproot stockists visit here. And if you have or know of a shop who should carry Taproot, contact us!)

~ amanda