Taproot Contributor :: Jenna Woginrich, Cold Antler Farm

  Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Jenna's Woginrich's newest book, Cold Antler Farm, feels like a continued conversation with an old friend. She brings us with her on her own adventures in farming, and carries the conversation through The Wheel of the Year (the pre-Christian agricultural days of ancient Europe: Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasa, and Samhain.) These cycles are life to this modern pioneer, and Jenna's chapters bring us throughout every season on her scrappy farm. We meet in chapters and chat about the weather while loading hay into her truck, we meet in town and hear stories of her horse and cart adventures with Merlin and Jasper, we lean on the fence line after chores are done to catch up with the latest news from her sheep, chickens, horses and border collie. Jenna's book feels a bit like sharing a home-cooked meal with good friends. This is the good life that Jenna Woginrich chose when she left her 9-5 job in the city and took the leap (literally!) into farming. Her stories speak of her deep connection with nature and the cycles of this earth. "All I know to do is keep farming, and so I do. My part of the bargain is to tend and fuss, the apple tres' is to quietly grow and thrive.  They do what they do and I do what I do and perhaps in the fall we'll both cast our shadows in the light of a Hallowmas bonfire and know we made it through another year.  A circle is a fine religion.  It keeps me going." Jenna Woginrich is a modern pioneer, a writer, and a young woman single-handedly doing it all. Her six acre homestead is in Washington County at the base of the Taconic Mountains in New York State.  She seldom ventures further than a few miles from her farm, and it's from here that she writes of simpler times and a deep-rooted life. This book documents the perils and pleasures of her day to day. Her words easily resonate, even if you have never worn a pair of muck boots to feed the pigs, her words resonate because they are true and real. Jenna is an independent single woman who writes about the beautiful (and often messy) everyday life of balance and chaos that goes hand in hand with farming. Her book was written with the perfect dose of sass and humor. I highly recommended Cold Antler Farm to anyone who has even the smallest seed of homesteading in their heart.

To learn more about Jenna, follow along her adventures on her homesteading blog of the same name, Cold Antler Farm. Check out her piece in our latest Issue 10 :: SEED. Find her newest book at Roost Books. ~ meredith