Announcing our 2015 Taproot Calendar

2015calendarlifestyle-email Greetings Reader!

I don't know about you, but for me it sure feels like 2014 has gone by wicked fast. I know there's still better than two months to go, but if your household is anything like mine, the holidays are the most breakneck, flat out time of any year. I'm not complaining either; this has been a good year (so far) for all of us here and I hope for you as well. 

All of which to say, it's time to start thinking about the turn of the calendar. Well, friend, we've got you covered. The new Taproot Calendar with art by Phoebe Wahl is available and ready to purchase. Unlike last year (when we sold out in a matter of days), we've done our best to make sure there's enough stock to go around, but I still wouldn't dillydally about picking up one for yourself or giving one to a friend; supplies are limited.

As well received as last year's was, we think this one is even better. Better paper, better printing and (saving the best for last) seven never-before-seen new pictures from Phoebe Wahl. I could go on and on in words, but why don't I show you around instead? 2015calendarlifestyle-2 2015calendarlifestyle-5 2015calendarlifestyle-4 2015calendarlifestyle-6 Also new to the shop is the Taproot Tote Bag that visitors to our booth at the Common Ground Country Fair really loved. What's not to love? It's organic, made in the USA and sports art from Phoebe Wahl. Take a look at the pic. We hope you like it. commongroundtaproot-6

These are just two of the new offerings you can expect from us this fall and winter, in addition, of course to your copy of BREAD in late November (you have subscribed or renewed, haven't you?), so be sure to keep in touch by watching our website or following us on Ramblings (our blog), Instagram or Facebook. We want you to be the first to know.

Also, remember that we want to hear from you more (wherever you prefer to post). Writers of Letters to the Editor whose missives (or short notes) are published will receive a free one year subscription or subscription extension.

Wishing you a colorful Autumn,

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