In Gratitude: Download New Free Phoebe Wahl Gift Tags

Phoebe Wahl Gift TagsBut nine days sit between us and the turn of the year. It seems to me that, while perhaps a bit early, this is a completely reasonable time to look back on the year almost gone. I hope that for you it has been filled with both enjoyment fully felt and challenges deftly surmounted. As you may anticipate, that is the way we feel here at Taproot. Without dwelling on every specific, I'd like to thank you kindly for being along for the ride as we successfully finished our third year of publication and launched a number of new items in our webshop including Taproot Goods and our first Holiday Pop Up Shop.

As thanks, we'd like to invite you to download a new set of Phoebe Wahl Gift Tags we commissioned her to create. They're bright and cheery and sure to add a bit of panache to the boxes laid 'round your tree.

Until the New Year,

P.S. Please remember that your continued (or new) financial support in the form of a subscription or renewal allows us to continue our work. Taproot Magazine makes a wonderful gift and our downloadable gift cards with art from Phoebe Wahl and Michelle Kroll make it easy to beautifully announce your gift in a timely manner, even as the recipient awaits the arrival of their first issue.