7 Days of Cheer ~ Day 3: Upcycled Winter Hat

7 Days of Cheer ~ Day 3: Upcycled Winter Hat

As the winter solstice approaches, we wanted to offer you a little something to bring some extra joy and warmth to these busy December days! Day 3 is a tutorial for a Simple Upcycled Winter Hat.

Making a Simple Upcycled Winter Hat
By Amanda Riley from Issue 16::SHELTER

1. Measure the circumference of the recipient’s head, then divide that number in half. This is will be the width of the hat when flat.

2. Lay the sweater, inside out, flat on a work surface. 

3. Using chalk, mark the width measurement on the bottom hem of the sweater, adding ½ inch on each side for the seam allowance. 

4. Connecting the marks for seam allowance, use chalk to draw out the shape you want the finished hat to take. (Use an existing hat to help guide the shaping if you wish.) I like to extend the top of the hat quite a bit beyond the top of a typical fitted hat to create a tied-up top: Once you near the top as you draw out the pattern, draw two 3- to 4-inch rectangles angled away from each other (see photo). These will be used to tie the top of the hat closed in lieu of more complicated sewing. 

5. Once you are satisfied with the overall shape, cut out along the chalk lines. Double check that the edges are aligned and pin in place. 

6. Sew the two pieces together, either by hand (using a tight running stitch) or with a sewing machine, taking care not to stitch the bottom edge closed. For the tied-up version, sew up one side and simply stop when you reach the rectangular part; repeat on the other side.

7. Trim away excess seam allowances and turn the hat right side out. If using ties, tie them together in a crisscross pattern. Voila! A new winter hat.