7 Days of Cheer ~ Day 1: How to Cut the Perfect Snowflake

As the winter solstice approaches, we wanted to offer you a little something here to bring some extra joy and warmth to these busy December days! Check back here--we'll be reminding you of old favorites and sharing some fun from back issues for 7 days of holiday cheer! First up, this handy tutorial and template to help you perfect your paper snowflake skills! Enjoy! 

By: Caitlin Betsy Bell from Issue 20::SHARE.



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I remember once, years ago, going off to work and coming home to swags of these cut out snowflakes draped around my house. My sister in-law was visiting and made good use of her time while we were away at work. What a joy to see you bringing back this time honored fun craft. Thank you for sharing with the world.

Rebecca Logan Fay December 15, 2019

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