Update: No More Plastic Wrapper

We heard you! 

As of our most recent issue (Issue 27::BLOOM) we no longer ship Taproot in a plastic bag to U.S. subscribers. (Sorry, but international postage regulations require that it be bagged.)

We had several reasons for adopting the plastic bag: shipping damage, lost copies, and the need to communicate renewal status to subscribers. To make this important change feasible, we’re hoping that our subscribers can help us out. Can you be somewhat forgiving of the postal service’s handling of the magazine in transit? Some scuffing and minor damage may occur. The additional printing, shipping, and packing involved in sending replacement copies could quickly negate this effort to lessen our environmental impact. (Of course, if your copy never arrives, let us know at subscribe@taprootmag.com. It might happen!) We also want to point out that your renewal card will now be inside the magazine. Don’t forget to renew two issues prior to the expiration of your subscription. You won’t want to miss any future issues!