EMERGE Contributor Q&A ~ Amanda McLemore

EMERGE Contributor Q&A ~ Amanda McLemore

While our upcoming Issue 44::EMERGE is at the printer, we wanted to share with you a little behind-the-scenes look at how the pieces inside came to be! We talked to a few of our contributors to find out more about their process. You can also find these on our Instagram stories and highlights (@taprootmag). Amanda McLemore shares a set of recipes in EMERGE inspired by the shifting of the seasons. 

Q&A with Amanda McLemore

What first sparked your idea for this set of recipes?
AM: Emotion. I always settle into how a certain season makes me feel at a particular moment. In early spring while everything in my garden begins to sprout slowly, my meals tend to be simple and cozy. A balance between winter comfort food and spring greens.

Any particular moments that stand out from the process of creating and testing these recipes? 
AM: Creating a balance of color on the plate to mimic the season. The mushrooms resemble the dried leaves that scatter across the spring garden. The sweet potato dish looks the way the sunrise does in the beginning of spring and summer. And the Pho visually shows the balance of the ground sprouting new life in the garden.

We love your focus on mindfulness and being present in the process of shopping for and cooking our meals. What's one tip you'd give folks as they embark on trying a new recipe or technique in their kitchen? 
AM: Treat it as a meditation. When I am rushing or moving too fast in the kitchen I always take a deep breath and focus on my senses. It is an incredible feeling to connect with your food in this way. When we do this we become more present and often feel less overwhelmed when trying something new in the kitchen.

Finally -- how can people find you and more of your work? Any other upcoming projects you'd like to share? 
AM: City Dwellers can join our virtual city @baguette_and_butter on Instagram. We just launched our Concierge Kitchen. Our concierge kitchen is a members only digital food space where we teach you how to cook simply, seasonally, and sustainably while helping others do the same. You can learn more and become a member at baguetteandbutter.com/concierge.

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