Taproot at Home :: Welcome + Downloadable Coloring Book

Taproot at Home :: Welcome + Downloadable Coloring Book

We are all walking through these challenging days right now, but let's do it together, shall we? 

We want to offer for your home (and hearts) some of the goodness that has been inside the pages of Taproot Magazine while many of us are at home for an extended and indefinite period of time. We've gathered recipes, craft projects, and activities that we hope will keep you making, doing, and dreaming (and eating too!), all of which we'll be sharing here in this space each day.

First thing's first - art! We kick off this series by offering a free downloadable PDF coloring book, gathering all the coloring pages that have been in our issues. Get coloring!

Most of all, we want to say how grateful we are, especially at times like these, for this Taproot community. We wish everyone home days that are most importantly, healthy, but after that - full of making, doing and dreaming. And for those of you in the medical field and other areas of the front line of this - thank you, thank you, thank you for your work.

P.S. - Show us what you're making at home! Use the hashtag #taprootathome on Instagram! And if you're in a position to help support Taproot during these financially uncertain times, would you consider subscribing, giving the gift of Taproot, or shopping from the makers in our online market? (Our Portland, Maine location is closed until further notice.) 
P.P.S - Check back in here for more ideas each day!