Moon Phase Headband


This headband is great for keeping my short hair out of my face, whether I’m cooking, cleaning, or hiking. Plus, it’s truly the perfect level of stretchiness so it stays in place when you’re on the move! 

~Rachel, Assistant Editor

Headbands are hand-printed in Maine with a shiny silver moon phase design, using eco-friendly, water based ink. They are a nice width that can cover more of your hair, or can be scrunched up, depending on your preference. Made out of 100 percent Jersey Cotton, they have a nice stretch that will fit any head and not give anyone headaches from being too tight.

8 inches wide
Made in the USA

Meet the Maker ~ Think Greene
Think Greene is more than just a name, it is a lifestyle choice.  Founder Sabrina Thiemke-Greene’s mission is to share the love of simple, sustainable living through products made with eco-friendly inks, organic fabrics, repurposed/recycled papers, and compostable packaging. She hopes to educate customers on the important role they can play as a consumer in leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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