Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes


These cloth wipes are made of 100% ORGANIC cotton flannel GOTS certified. Set of 12, each cloth is 1 ply and can be used as baby wipes with water or a diaper solution, mini burp cloth, face wipe, perfect makeup remover and great for quick clean ups. They are great to have around for any application and a perfect gift for the expecting moms. Wash in warm water and like colors. 

10 x 9 inches

Meet the Maker: STINA & MAE
STINA & MAE is a motherhood accessories company changing the way we see motherhood. Former fashion journalist turned mom-of-one Mishell Brookins founded STINA & MAE in 2016 shortly after her first child was born. Tired of the mom style jokes she set forth the create a brand that married the style that mothers craved with function they needed.

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