Butterfly Fields Journal


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“I adore Jill Bliss’ delicate and colorful botanical illustrations which fill the pages of this journal. What I love most of all is the variation in the pages – dotted pages, graph paper, lined paper and blank pages too! Suitable for any and all journal desires.”
~ Amanda, Editor

This journal features a variety of full-color spreads; some with graph paper, some with lined paper, and some with simple, unobtrusive background patterns. Illustrated throughout with butterflies and the fields in which they dwell. Made with soy-based inks and recycled paper, the journal also features rounded corners.

Size: 5.75 x 8.25 inches

Meet the Maker: Jill Bliss
Living in a remote cabin perched on the edge of an island cliff overlooking an inland sea, Jill Bliss is embedded in the nature she depicts in her artwork. Her friends are mostly of the non-human variety: gulls, eagles, swifts, harbor seals and sea lions are daily visiting neighbors.

In all the work that Jill Bliss does, she is interested in the boundaries between separate bodies and ideas—the common ground where things intersect, cross-pollinate and cohabitate.

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