Fire Fairy Cider


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This fire cider does the trick! I take a small dose daily during the winter months and it helps keep me feeling healthy! Plus, it tastes great and has a nice spicy kick to it!"  ~Rachel, Assistant Editor

Fire Cider is a centuries old recipe passed down through generations.  This smooth and spicy tonic is great for easing colds, flus, and inflammation, and keeping the immune system strong.  Earthy and warming, it will help clear your sinuses and sharpen your senses! Take by the tablespoon or shot. You can also find this recipe and more like it in Issue 26::HEAL!

Made with organic Maine ingredients: apple cider vinegar, raw wildflower honey, horseradish, hot peppers, garlic, onions, ginger, and herbs. 

4 oz bottle. 

Meet the Maker ~ Swallowtail Farm Cottage Apothecary
Swallowtail Farm Apothecary is run by Lauren Pignatello, mother of 7, traditional folk herbalist and ACS award winning cheese and yogurt maker. Lauren started studying herbs as a teen growing up in NYC. She moved to the rocky coast of Maine and grew a family as well as a family business, Swallowtail Farm, with her husband Sean Pignatello. Lauren opened a farm cafe and apothecary, Milk and Honey of Swallowtail Farm in Portland, Maine, where she gives consultations and herbal classes on healing and community herbalism as well as dairy making classes.

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