Moon Phase Sachet



 "The smell of this moon phase sachet is so heavenly, I put it next to my bed for a good scent before I doze off!" 
~ Bethany, Customer Service

These beautiful cotton fabric moon phase sachet's are hand printed with an original moon phase design and constructed with great attention to detail. Each sachet is filled with a blend of organic dried plants, pure essential oils (ethically source) and white rice. The Calm/Black is wonderfully scented with Lavender and Chamomile. Individually wrapped to keep scent in. There are  many uses for sachet's; drawer freshener, natural bug repellent, aromatherapy, soothing ASMR, or hot and cold therapy. 

5 x 5 x 1inch, expect variations
Made in the USA.

Meet the Makers: Little Lark 
Little Lark is a mother owned and operated company selling hand printed clothes and paper goods for the whole family. Little Lark focuses largely on graphic design for children apparel that isn’t limited by traditional colors and motifs, and offers a beautiful selection of paper goods & gifts that are appropriate for any occasion. Little Lark designs are modern, hip, fun, and non-gender specific. Designs appeal to both adults and kids, exhibiting simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge. Little Lark's apparel is always sweatshop free, organic when possible, individually hand printed in Portland Oregon, and sources materials from USA made companies and small local businesses. Each item has its own unique touch of individuality, just like the characters who wear / use them.

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