Maker’s Hand Relief


 This hand crafted balm is formulated to moisturize and provide healing nourishment to your skin without leaving your hands feeling oily. So apply this balm, rub it in, and then pick back up your knitting or crochet hand work knowing you've taken a simple step in taking care of your hands. 

Chose from two scent options:
Lavender-Bergamot: Lavender and Bergamot FCF (not sun-sensitive)
Wilderness: Organic Scotch Pine, Jasmine, Amber, Java Vetiver and Atlas Cedarwood.

Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: Elderwood Apothecary

Jane Anderson is a Clinical Herbalist, and owner and maker of Elderwood Apothecary. She creates hand crafted skincare for makers around the world, from knitters to weavers, woodcutters to potters.

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