ROOTS Broom Kit


Make your own Turkey Wing Broom! As seen in the tutorial (by Jessica Lewis Stevens & Michelle Housel) in Issue 43::ROOTS.  This is a great at home activity ~ learn a new craft with a special and functional final product! 

This kit includes all the materials you need to make your own small hand broom: broomcorn, cord, and instructions from Issue 43::ROOTS all in a Taproot craft bag.

Meet the Makers: Jessica Lewis Stevens & Michelle Housel are the makers behind this tutorial. 

Jessica Lewis Stevens is a quilter, baker, and mother making a home and tending a small homestead in Vermont. Her practice is born of a love for the visible marks of hand-making, the earnest work of making what we need, and cultivating a relationship with our natural environment. For a glimpse of current projects, kitchen stories, and life at home, follow her on instagram @sugarhouseworkshop or visit

Michelle Housel is an artist and crafter living in the green mountains of Vermont. Mother of two children (and one cat), she spends her days homeschooling, painting pictures, sewing dolls, and collecting tiny things. Influenced greatly by the natural world and her children’s stories, she creates tiny worlds of her own to share. For portfolio and contact information, visit

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