Woodcut Memory Game


Keep your brain sharp and inspired with this beautifully designed and packaged memory game! Each piece is it's own work of art, but will also keep your family challenged and entertained! -Rachel, Assistant Editor 

This fun and beautifully designed memory game based on the artist Bryan Nash Gill's best-selling book, Woodcut, offers twenty-six distinctive woodcut prints (fifty-two pairs) nested in a handsome keepsake box. 

Meet the Maker: Bryan Nash Gill
Bryan Nash Gill was an artist who focused primarily on creating large-scale relief prints from cross sections of trees. Gill's work revealed the sublime power locked inside their arboreal rings, patterns not only of great beauty, but also a year-by-year record of the life and times of the fallen or damaged logs. The artist rescued the wood from the property surrounding his studio and neighboring land, extracts and prepares blocks of various species—including ash, maple, oak, spruce, and willow—and then would print them by carefully following and pressing the contours of the rings until the intricate designs transfer from tree to paper.

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