Bird Call Necklace


Wear this one of a kind bird call necklace around your neck next time you're on a camping trip or just taking a walk outside. Twist the call around to hear little chirps that will attract birds of all kinds. The Audubon Bird Call is a classic, simple birdwatcher's tool with a 60 year history. The Bird Call is made from cast zinc and birch wood in Rhode Island (the metal ring still reads "NEWINGTON CONN" in honor of the factory's original location). It doesn't mimic specific bird calls but rather creates a tweeting noise that curious birds recognize and investigate. With a little care and the occasional application of rosin, their Bird Call will last for years. This Bird Call is hand painted by artist Keiko Brodeur.

This is a real Audubon Bird Call with the addition of a one of a kind tiny hand painted bird that has been sealed into the wood. It has a long tan leather cord knotted onto it so you can adjust it to be whatever length is perfect for you. It comes with powdered resin to renew the bird call sound. Each tiny hand painted bird is completely one of a kind.

Choose from natural color or red 
Pendant measures just under 2.5 inches
Made in USA

Meet the Maker ~ Small Adventure
Keiko Brodeur began her line of paper goods, Small Adventure, as a way to not only enjoy drawing and painting but to observe nature and learn about traveling and cultural lifestyles. Her naturalistic yet sophisticated illustrated stationery and prints have been featured on blogs such as Apartment Therapy, Design Is Mine and Unruly Things and publications Lucky and Bust magazines. Small Adventure is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Small Adventure Bird Call Necklace Demo from Keiko Brodeur on Vimeo

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