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If you’re an avid gardener like, you probably have notes scrawled on pads and scraps of paper stuffed all over the place. It’s hard to keep track of all these bits of information, so a lot of useful knowledge is forgotten.

After all, there’s a lot to remember from season to season, year to year. Which of the rows of lettuce you planted is the Romaine? What temperature was it on March 15 last year? When did you plant those tomato starts? Did you save those Calendula seeds last summer, or the year before? Did it rain at all last July? Now you’ll know.

The Garden Journal divides each day of the year into three spaces for notes. You can write in your own numbers for the years. This way, you can start the journal whenever you want, and keep using it for at least three years. You will also find a section of graph paper in the back for additional notes, sketches, and so forth. Each new month is announced with a lively full illustration spread.

We hope this journal will be a useful tool alongside shovel, hoe, and rake. Happy gardening!

5.25" wide by 8" tall
Made in the USA

Meet the Maker ~ The Far Woods
The Far Woods is comprised of makers and sisters Sonya and Nina Montenegro. They collaborate on handmade creations of all sorts. Sonya and Nina live on a farm on the edge of Portland, Oregon, in beautiful Cascadia. Through their work they seek to educate and inspire a reconnection to nature, food, and community.  Their practice crosses disciplines, including teaching handcraft skills, beekeeping, and growing food, to work toward an ecologically-viable and socially-just future. They use local & environmentally friendly materials & practices whenever possible.