Felted Wool Mini Heart Ornament Set


These are adorable! In my house, it's never too soon for fall decor!

-Bethany, Customer Service

These beautiful mini heart ornaments are 100% handmade, needle-felted of pure wool. They are quite versatile 

approx. 1.5 - 2 inches across

Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: House of Moss
House of Moss is shaped by their beautiful Pacific Northwest surroundings in the Portland (Oregon) area: the damp climate creates a gorgeous forest environment, full of moss, trees, and mushrooms. The maker behind House of Moss was exposed to Waldorf education during a year spent as a nanny, and the Waldorf sensibilities of natural materials and simplicity have influenced their work. Add to that a lifelong love of tiny things, and you get House of Moss: a miniature world of woodland-themed felted wool.

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