Nature Inspired Candle

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Artisan Candles in two aromas: choose from Earth or Campfire.

Earth. Extremely accurate in capturing the warm notes of nutrient-rich soil, this candle will trigger memories of tilling dirt in the garden, digging for worms and planting seeds in freshly turned soil. This candle transports us outdoors and into the elements and was created for those of us who don’t mind getting our hands dirty. Aroma: rich, earthy, subdued, warm.

Campfire. It’s our favorite place to be in the summer: crowded around a campfire on the beach. It’s a staple to our annual Oktoberfest celebration with homebrew friends. It’s the sign of a warm home and hospitality. When you smell the campfire, you’ll remember your favorite past-times including embers and smoke and the crackling sound of a mesmerizing fire. Aroma: smoky, woodsy, bright, earthy, transportive.

Candles come in an 8 oz glass jar with a burn time of 40+ hours. Made with a soy blend wax, all natural cotton or wood wick and paraben free high quality fragrance.

Meet the Maker: Hawk & Hatchet
Deep in the heart of man there is a thirst for adventure; a desire for wild. Something primal that leads us to brave the elements. Some inward compass that takes us from congestion and concrete to wide open frontier. Hawk + Hatchet is a brand birthed in this spirit; an experience discovering that you have what it takes. Hawk + Hatchet takes you there - into the Wild and Uncharted.