Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Kit

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Mozzarella and Ricotta DIY Cheese Kit. Simply add a gallon of cow's' milk and in one hour, you will be eating and sharing homemade, all-natural mozzarella or ricotta! The ingredients allow you to make at least 8 batches of cheese. You can, of course, re-use the recipes, thermometer and cloth and find refills of rennet tablets, salt and citric acid in my shop when you run out. A batch is about 1 1/2-2 lb. depending on whole or low-fat milk, or mozz vs. ricotta, so you'll have plenty of supplies to experiment with different herbs, shapes and recipes.

Instruction/recipe handbook and unlimited email support
Fine mesh, 100% cotton cheesecloth (also known as Butter Muslin)
Glass dairy thermometer
Gluten-free, vegetarian rennet tablets
Gluten-free, non-GMO citric aci
Pure, non-iodized flake salt

recycled cardboard, compostable packaging, non gmo citric acid, glass thermometer, butter muslin cheesecloth, cheese salt, vegetarian rennet

Meet the Maker ~ Urban Cheesecraft
Claudia Lucero is the entrepreneur behind Urban Cheesecraft. Claudia lives in Portland, Oregon, and creates DIY Cheese Kits, which she sells online, in specialty food shops and select Whole Foods stores. She also developed the home cheesemaking kits for Williams-Sonoma’s Agrarian product line. Claudia takes your success in making cheese very seriously and because she does this full time- she means business! She tests and fine-tunes her recipes and each kit repeatedly for 1-2 years before she launches new products. Claudia wrote the book One Hour Cheese. It’s a rarity in cheesemaking books as it shows you how to make the cheeses in her shop and many more with step-by-step photos. 

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