Sticker Set - Fruits and Veggies


Only 3 pieces in stock!

These stickers make a cute addition to any water bottle, journal, sketchbook or other surface! A colorful reminder of the summer harvest! Perfect gifts for kids and adults alike! -Rachel, Assistant Editor

Set of sweet Fig, Rainbow Carrots, and Strawberry Basket stickers! Made of high-quality, durable vinyl that's weather-proof, waterproof and designed to last up to five years. Stickers come with a premium laminate material that guards them from overexposure to the sun and rain.

3.5 inches on the longest side (figs are 3 inches)
Made in the USA 

Meet the Maker: Shiny Apple Studio
Owner and designer of Shiny Apple Studio, Julia Walther, has created art and accessories since 2016, inspired by the intersection of nostalgia, art history, and the earth’s hidden delights.The business was born out of Julia's pottery practice and longtime love of tiny shiny things. She hopes her designs will serve as mementos from the past and charms for the future to encourage all to create, experiment, and grow empathy, all while marveling at the wonders of the world.

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