Moon Map Poster

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We love this sleek, modern, silver on black map of the moon’s surface with its unique texture and many craters. As our telescopic technology progressed, each teeny crater was named for a number of things, including famous astrologers and Greek Gods. This design highlights a selection of the largest and most interestingly named craters to label, and gives a nod to their multitude by including 100s others.  This is an accurate map based on a variety of source maps and documents.  

Silver on Black
17.5 x 17.5 
ink on paper

Meet the Maker ~ Archie's Press
Archie Archambault, of Archie’s Press, is a designer and inventor living in New York. He started making maps several years ago because nobody else was explaining cities simply and clearly. He studied Art and Philosophy at Colorado College, Urban Design at Harvard and Advertising at Wieden+Kennedy.

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