Egg Candle Set

$15 $26

These classic shaped egg candles come in a lovely traditional turquoise egg carton, includes 6 eggs. They are a perfect easter gift giving a springtime feel to home décor. They look great in ceramic egg cups. Add your own unique touch by decorating them with colored wax and or pressed leaves and flowers. 100% pure beeswax, candles have a lovely honey scent when lit, and are free of the toxins emitted by commercially made paraffin candles. 100% cotton wicks, which have no wires or chemical treatment.

Single egg 2.5"x 2"
Carton 5.5"x 5"x 3"

Meet the Maker: Camphill Village Store

Camphill Village Store is an online shop dedicated to products made by Camphill Village Copake, an integrated community where people with developmental differences are living a life of dignity, equality, and purpose. All sales benefit the lives of the adults with special needs who are involved in either designing or producing these products at Camphill Village Copake. The products are made in therapeutic craft studios with the help of volunteers under the supervision of professional work masters. In these social spaces, creativity and commitment to craft blend to create stunning items for your home, embodying great care, devotion, and a sense of wellbeing.

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