Needle Felting Kit: Bee and Flower


I love all things bees, so I’m especially excited to try out this one! -Bethany Blake, Customer Service

This needle felting kit includes everything you need to make your own Bee and Flower felted square tile. Inside you’ll find instructions, more than enough hand dyed unspun wool of the colors needed to complete the project, wool felt with the design drawn on, and felting tools (a square foam block, and 2 needles).  The finished tile is 5 inches square and makes lovely a pocket for a knitted bag, wall hangings to frame, a coaster or a hot dish mat.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

Meet the Maker: Wrinkle in Thyme Farm
A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm is a women-run, diversified farm specializing in farm related education and wool products from our sheep, maple syrup, lamb meat, & eggs. The farm name comes from Madeline L’Engle’s idea of tesseract, or time travel.  Their flock of sheep includes a ram lamb and Border Leicester, Finn, and Romney cross ewes, bred especially for soft fiber. They shear, wash, dye, and card the fiber right on the farm, and offer a variety of 100% wool yarn dyed with both acid and natural dyes, and Thyme Tile needlefelting kits, which feature fiber art created by Marty.  

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