Gourmet Greens Seeds Set

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A full season of greens is packed into this collection of flavorful, high yielding, and fancy greens seeds set. This collection includes one pack each of abundant bloomsdale spinach, all stars kale, Metta lettuce mix, rainbow chard, and salad savor mix. Each variety includes specific planting instructions. 

Made in the USA.
Meet the Maker: Hudson Valley Seed Company
Hudson Valley Seed Company is a values-driven seed company that practices and celebrates responsible seed production and stewardship. They are best known for their beautiful artist-design seed packs that appeal to gardeners, gift buyers, and lovers of art and nature. These collections, most fundamentally, tell stories. They challenge their artists to convey in a manner that is fully their own, the history and meaning of the seed variety contained in each pack. These stories were once integral to traditional societies-stories of seeds were often origin stories for entire communities and peoples, and the lore and beliefs that accumulated around seed varieties reflected the nearly familial way in which gardeners and farmers regarded their crops. Useful seeds and evocative art - both equally valuable to the human experience.

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