Spring Mending Set


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Everything you need to do the work at home!

A Garment Repair Kit which comes with all the tools you need to get started on your denim and linen garment repair, wrapped up in one linen carrying bag. Kit includes: sewing needles, pins, craft snips, pliers, tailors chalk, needle threader, ruler, thread, and patches. Detailed hand-illustrated instructional booklet included as well.

A darning mushroom is a mushroom-shaped tool, which is inserted into a knitted or crocheted item to hold it in the proper shape and provide a foundation for making repairs.

Hand Dyed Fabrics is a bundle contains 9 4-inch squares of organic cotton/hemp: red, terracotta, orange, ochre, green, blue, walnut, dusty rose, and charcoal. Bundles are tied with plant-dyed silk ribbon.

Fix Your Clothes: The Sustainable Magic of Mending, Patching, and Darning Contains sharp needles, pins, and scissors, use carefully!


Garment Repair Kit
Fix your Clothes
Darning Mushroom
Hand Dyed Fabric Patches

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