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Taproot Magazine Issue 18::PRESERVE

taproot 1. the large single root of plants such as the dandelion, which grows vertically downward and bears small lateral roots 2. an ad-free, independent, quarterly magazine for makers, doers & dreamers.

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About Taproot

Taproot Magazine started over a kitchen table with a conversation between three friends interested in creating a different kind of magazine. Amanda Blake Soule, Jason Miller & Ted Blood wanted a place where people could come to share skills and swap stories, all without the noise and distraction of advertising.

Since 2012, Taproot has created an experience for its readers not found in other publications. It is grounded and authentic, reflective and playful. Never timely with the chatter of today's news, but always timeless with modern takes on skills not yet forgotten.

Every issue relates to a different theme word, from our first issue, SOIL, appropriately named for the growth of something new, to our most current, PRESERVE, a timely topic for the berry picking and canning of the garden bounty that will be shortly at hand.

We hope you'll join us.