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Issue 41 :: EXTEND

downloadable templates + patterns

North Country Dress - Downloadable Pattern Templates

Below you'll find the downloadable pattern for the North Country Dress designed by Ellen Mason, featured in Issue 41::EXTEND. There are two downloadable options for using this pattern: you can print the pdf at home or send it to a print shop. Below, you will find separate downloadable files and instructions for each of these options.

Print-at-Home Pattern PDF

Print-at-Home Pattern Instructions
This downloadable pdf pattern is designed to be printed using a regular home printer, on 8.5 x 11 inch (letter size) paper. This download includes pattern template tiles, ready to be taped together, and complete instructions for at-home printing, with a test square to make sure your printer settings yield the correct pattern size. Your printer must be set at 100% with no scaling in order to print properly (see page 1 of pdf for further details).

Print Shop Pattern PDF

Print Shop Pattern Instructions
This downloadable pdf pattern is properly formatted to be sent to a print shop. We recommend using pdfplotting.com for easy and affordable pattern printing. This file is designed to be printed at it's full, actual size: 36 inches (wide) x 40 inches (tall).

Beau Cardigan - Downloadable Knitting Charts

Below you'll find downloadable charts for the colorwork in the Beau Cardigan pattern by Sylvia-Watts-Cherry featured in Issue 41::EXTEND. There are 2 download options:

Chart Download for Digital Use (recommended): designed to be viewed digitally on a computer or mobile device. This is the recommended version as the charts are quite large.

Chart Download for Printing
: designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 (letter) size paper. Chart B and C are quite larger - thus will still be quite small when fit onto letter size paper. We recommend using the above downloads for those charts.