Subscriptions and Renewals

As of December 2023, we have stopped taking subscriptions as we shift to a model that is pay per issue and pre-order only. Read on for a few quick answers, and if you’d like to dive deeper, you can do so here. Cheers to the future of independent publishing! With your support, we can keep print alive. Thank you!
I’m a subscriber
Great! And thank you! There’s nothing you need to do right now. We intend to fully honor all of our subscribers issues. They’ll be coming on a slower schedule as we move from bimonthly to quarterly. When your subscription is complete, we invite you to move to the pre-pay option.

My subscription expired or you are new to Taproot
Awesome! We’d love to have you! Preorder is now available for 2024 issues. Simply preorder LOVE or sign up for our new auto-renew option. 

Why all this change? No one likes change!
The subscription model is no longer financially sustainable for us (and many of our friends in the publishing world). This change will allow us to better predict how many issues to print, save us on printing and shipping cost, and help us adjust to the ever-rising cost of production in real-time rather than projecting years into the future, which is anyone’s guess!