Taproot, the People

Amanda Blake Soule / Editor
Amanda is the author of The Creative FamilyHandmade Home, and The Rhythm of Family, all published by Roost Books. She and her husband Steve live in the foothills of western Maine with their five children where they work together to bring back to life a 200 year old farmhouse and homestead. In their days, they strive to live simply, close to the earth, and each other. She blogs at soulemama.com.
Jason Miller / Publisher
Jason is new to the publishing world, but is always up for the challenge of learning something new, be it postal regulations, magazine design or subscription management. When not laying out the magazine, he can be found with his family in the "Northeast Kingdom" of Vermont where they homestead five sandy acres, milk a cow, raise chickens and try to figure out what it all means.
Amy Chamberlain / Copy Editor

Ted Blood / Advisor
Ted is the owner (with his wife Susan) of Nova Natural Toys & Crafts. As his children have gotten older, he has found himself drawn away from toys to issues of self-sufficiency and sustainability. He enjoys helping Taproot  grow, flourish, and become a force for change in the world. 

Meredith Winn / Associate Editor

Meredith is a photographer and freelance writer. She weaves stories from truth and optical illusions from images. Balancing the digital world with slow photography, she is happiest in her darkroom creating tintypes from silver and light. 

Meredith lives off-grid in a yurt with her partner and a trio of boys in New England. See more of her work at meredithwinn.com.

Veronica Medwid / Business Manager

Caitlin Betsy Bell / Designer

Caitlin spent much of her childhood either elbow deep in the dirt or the craft drawer, as her family moved all across the U.S. Her college years took her to Savannah, Georgia, for a BFA in fibers. Now she is living in Vermont with her favorite guy and their sweet baby girl. She spends her days designing, making, and being a part-time children’s librarian. See more at caitlinbetsybell.com.

Katie Ustaris/

Marketing Manager

Katie spent ten years living and working in Boston for various high-profile marketing agencies and clients. These days, she strives to live a quieter life in the suburbs with her young family. She still loves to help spread the word about companies doing good in the world and is happy to be doing just that at Taproot.