What People Are Saying About Taproot

As I bake my sourdough bread, try a new canning recipe to share, experiment in my backyard garden, or cast on my knitting needles, I feel so thankful to have received so many gifts in my life, Taproot being one of them. I have since paid it forward and given a subscription to a friend, in hopes it will bring her the joy it brings me.



I have to confess, I was surprised and overjoyed with the high quality of your magazine in this era of unavoidable waves of advertisement and quick read, okay-to-forget-right-away articles. 


I really admire your publication. It's really exciting to see an ad free book focused on community and slow living practices. While looking at some of your past issues, I was appreciating how much illustration you utilize- other publications I've seen with similar missions are often dominated by photography. It's refreshing to see a really even split in Taproot's layout.



It is amazing. I live in France so it took a few days to arrive. I looked every day in my mailbox. Loved the wait. (I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas day!) They are very precious to me. Thank you for the magic happening there. Everything is so soothing and inspiring.



Now, though I still get ideas from each issue, I have realized I get so much more – I read it because it gives me a sense of belonging. I have found a community on the other side of the world. Thank you for creating such an opening of minds and energy across the miles of this huge-tiny planet. 



Taproot is a wonderful magazine, my mind and spirit enjoy every word, including reading about the talented contributors.