50 States Traveled Journal


Perfect for your next road trip! Or take a walk down memory lane and start by filling in memories of states you've already visited. -Katie, Marketing Manager

This 50 States Traveled book is a handmade journal to record your memories as you travel through each of the 50 states. Some questions will ask simple things such as your date of arrival while others will ask for a deeper reflection of your journey. The questions are fun and open-ended for you to take them in any direction as you please. Each travel journal comes with a protective package to keep it safe as you travel. 

Meet the Maker: Moore Collection 
Taylor and Tanner Barkin are the team behind the Moore Collection. They met and started screenprinting together in high school, and haven’t stopped since. Tanner is the creative force behind Moore while Taylor runs the business side of operations. In 2017, they got married and opened a production and retail space in Denver, CO. They draw everything by hand based on their experiences growing up outdoors.

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