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This Anchorpak with black / charcoal / marine green detail is made from 7 oz. waxed canvas. It is made of high quality, durable and supple fabric that’s also waterproof. True simplicity makes for excellent versatility in style and function for city, country, travel, biking, or the office. Comes with small tin of wax for proper long term maintenance. 

The Anchorpak is essentially different from other bags because it fits you in a whole new way. The design takes advantage of a special, basic feature of the human form called “mirror-symmetry.”  So it’s by virtue of The Anchorpak’s innovative shape matching the fundamental design of the human body that a better, more harmonious way of carrying is provided for. And you’ll feel it! The simple difference between the Anchorpak and all other bags is something you can instantly feel when you try it on for the first time.  Typically bags (i.e. the messenger bag, sling bag, or purse) work by hanging against the body. The Anchorpak’s approach is totally unique in that it comfortably corresponds and form-fits around the body. Many ergonomic benefits arise from this simple innovation. 


Interior mesh pocket fits tablet or books
Folds down for perfect packability in travel situations
Velcro pocket in exterior seam for cell phone & small important objects
Big main compartment carries laptop case perfectly and fits extra layer
Tall exterior pocket perfect for yoga travel mat
Made in Maine from domestically sourced and produced material
Capacity: 1,300 cu. in.
Dimensions: Small | Large ; 24”H x 18”W x 5” | 26”H x 20”W x 6”
Small: Best for those up to 5'10"
Large: Best for those 5'10" and over
Weight: 10 oz. | 12 oz.
Folds down to: 11″ x 8″ x 1″


7oz waxed canvas

Meet the Maker

Anchorpak’s founder, R.I.S.D. graduate Colin Sullivan-Stevens, naively created what became the first Anchorpak prototype from scrap material in his art studio in 2012. He just needed a bag, so he quickly and inexpertly sewed one in the simplest way he could. The initial concept was generated by cutting a pattern which was a single form that mirrored itself. After successfully testing many prototypes on his friends in Portland, Maine, Colin decided to improve his invention. Anchorpak was formed as a brand in 2013 shortly after applying for a U.S. patent for the design. We believe that the good things come from places where clever ways of living with nature are valued. In a state known for its resourcefulness and practical design contributions to the greater world like the Bean Boot, the Shaker Chair, and Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes, there’s something to be said for solid Design taking shape within inspiring and challenging natural environments. Similarly we believe that it’s smart to manufacture products in the places they are proud to come from.  We are committed to reviving the heritage of quality manufacturing in Maine and bringing good jobs to rural Maine towns. Ideally we’d like to spark a conversation about what it means for products & product design to come from somewhere you love, home.

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