Bee Bud Vase


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These are beautifully made pieces! Plus, the subtle glazing and details will nicely complement your favorite blooms! - Jess, Warehouse Manager

Perfect for some fresh cut flowers from the garden. This small porcelain vase is great for showing off both delicate flowers and larger, bold buds. It features a two toned honey beige and white glaze with 2 gold bees and “drops” of 22k gold luster. Looks perfect on the windowsill or on a beside table. Please note, gold luster is not microwave safe — sparks will fly!

4 inches (tall) 
Made in the USA

Meet the Maker: Apricity Ceramics
Sophia Keys makes dirt pretty, or at least that is what she will tell you. In reality Sophia has been drawn to the magic of clay from an early age and she's deeply invested in practical pieces made beautiful. In her small studio located in Atlanta, GA Sophia hand makes each piece out of porcelain clay by either slab form techniques or by throwing on the potters wheel. Everything is further decorated with a variety of hand mixed glazes and 22k gold luster accents. Everyday luxury is her life motto and her pieces are meant for exactly that.

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