Botanical Cork Earrings


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These cork earrings are a cute, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly accessory! What’s not to love? -Jess, Warehouse Manager

Featuring a lovely botanical design, these earrings are handmade out of natural cork, a vegan alternative to leather, similarly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Cork bark is harvested from the cork oak tree. This tree is unique in that it regenerates its bark so the tree is not harmed in the process. This makes cork a renewable and sustainable product. Earring Hooks are nickel free, lead Free, hypoallergenic Silver Plated Alloy Metal. 

Choose from red or natural.
Made in the USA

Meet the Maker - Elisabetta Studio
Elisabetta Studio specializes in the use of cork fabric and cording. For Anya, the maker behind the name, the process of transforming fabric and thread into something completely new has been her creative passion ever since she was a child.  More recently she discovered cork fabric as a fashionable as well as environmentally friendly material. It is a great vegan substitute for leather and she loves working with it. All her products are 100% handmade.  

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